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royal palm hotel // 2020

Detroit, Michigan


Client: Midwest Hospitality Group

Sq. Ft.: 3,267

Category: Hospitality

Awards: Exceptional Student,

The historic Hotel Park Avenue is undergoing a renovation and rebranding as a Hilton Tapestry Collection boutique hotel.  With such a rich history, the design of a newly renovated restaurant and cafe had a large precedent to follow which strongly informed every single design decision from the branding + logo design to the tiniest of architectural details.  CLICK to view the final design package that includes the research, programming, schematics, design development, and more.  CLICK to view the renovated kitchen floor plan.

reign sketch1.png


The café is named after Blanche of Castile, a clever negotiator and a strong leader.  The idea of a woman in power speaks volumes and is one of the main highlights.  France’s National Animal is the Gallic Rooster, which is implemented through the lighting fixtures.  Thirdly, France’s National Flower is the Iris which is the color purple; the color purple for the United States represents royalty and power.  In addition to some research on France, the history on Detroit takes precedent as well, specifically looking at the 1920’s which was the time period the hotel was constructed.  

CLICK to view Castile's design presentation. 

reign - bar.png
Reign __ Dining No. 2.png
reign -dining no. 1.png


The restaurant's intent is to achieve the same concepts as Castile while also designing a modern, clean, and diversely unique restaurant +bar from the pre-existing architecture.  Additionally, to implement a design with efficiency and focusing in on the important elements including acoustics, the variety of social gatherings, and circulation for both the staff and visitors.  Lastly, using Detroit’s Motown history and a little bit of French connection to establish a modern twist of a stately and memorable dining experience.  CLICK to view Reign's design presentation.

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