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Penguin Play Centre // 2019 


Detroit, Michigan // Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Client: Port Elizabeth Community

Teammates: Breanna Hielkema, Kenneth Humberstone, Nathan Ickes, and Kayla Thompson.  

The International Design Clinic partnered up with Kevin Kimwelle to rethink, redesign, and recreate sustainable architecture using local recycled materials.  In Port Elizabeth, plastic bottles and waste saturate the community without the proper means to dispose.  Through the introduction of an Eco-brick, architecture can be designed.


These prototypes were created to research and further develop what an Eco-Brick could be using a variety of different methods.  Materials used included concrete, plastic bags, 2 liter bottles, and clay.  CLICK to view the press.

Prototype I
prototype I
Prototype III
prototype III
Prototype II
prototype II
Prototype IV
prototype IV
bottle wall types.png
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