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passey RESIDENCE // 2022

Sq. Ft.:

Category: Landscape Architecture, Residential

Team: Collaboration with Mosher Design Co.

This landscape rear yard renovation includes the design of a custom outdoor kitchen and living space located in Birmingham, MI.  The client's yard was small, so creative problem solving to maximize the space was critical in this design.  Their existing rear yard had a small landing and steps that lead them to their garage and grass area.  They needed a fresh new space to entertain, grill, host, and enjoy bonfires.   

The client's style a mix of Scandinavian and modern.  The furniture and appliances include TimberTech decking, TimberTech cable railing, West Elm coffee table, Article loveseat + chairs, Lynx appliances.  The custom pieces include a concrete poured kitchen and a cantilevered pergola.  The custom cantilevered pergola uses a strong blend of a concrete with a custom linear fireplace by Detroit Metal Elements, metal backplate by Detroit Metal Elements, stained wood to match the deck, 4x4 posts, and 1x4 slats.   

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