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mobile makerspace // 2019 

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Client: Port Elizabeth Community

Teammates: Breanna Hielkema, Ashraf Hijazi, Kenneth Humberstone, Nathan Ickes, Stephan Karetnik, Kevin Kimwelle, Magdalene Kuhns, Bethanie Martin, Scott Shall, Hlwati Sigqibo, Kayla Thompson, Eric Ward, and D.J. Yeom. 

The International Design Clinic partnered up with Kevin Kimwelle to rethink, redesign, and recreate sustainable architecture using local recycled materials.  This makerspace is designed to house a multitude of purposes and activities including storing tools, a place for seminars to learn how to use tools, and a center for social events.  With a team of talent, this was designed in 24 hours and built in a week.  CLICK to view the press.

Mobile Makerspace Interior Renderings-04
Mobile Makerspace Interior Renderings-01
Mobile Makerspace Interior Renderings-03

Modular Table proposal // 2019 

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Client: Port Elizabeth Community

Designer: Emily Reem

Workstations and tables were critical to design in order to get the most out of the makerspace.  With such limited interior space, the design is strategically crafted to not only exhaust the most of an entire pallet, but to also stay within the constraints of where our locally sourced materials are found.  

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