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Mindful Mental Health Care Urgent Center // 2020 

Samaritan Center

Detroit, Michigan

Sq. Ft.: 10,508

Category: Healthcare

Awards: Exceptional Student,

This healthcare center is located within the Samaritan Center, located in District 4 of Detroit.  Through the reinvention of what mental health facilities are, Mindful Mental Health Urgent Care Center is just another forward example for future spaces to curate and provide a better place for taking care of those who need support, after all mental health is part of our well-being.  CLICK to view the schematic design, CLICK to view the program document, CLICK to view the construction documents, and CLICK to view the final presentation.

From a design standpoint, the colors for this reinvented facility are strategically picked for their softness and muted appearance to create warmth, tranquility, and all to oppose what was previously designed.  Blue ensures security, green creates harmony, and yellow in the pediatric wing to bring about optimism.  Sherwin Williams colors and products, Paint Shield Micro be cidal Paint, kills greater than 99.9% of Staph, MRSA, E coli, CRE, and enterobacter aerogenes within two hours of exposure on painted surfaces. 

This proposal has many architectural changes including vast ceiling heights that strongly differ from the original floor plan and the implementation of lights wells and transom windows to bring in as much daylight as possible.  The opportunity for views out of any window is used to its advantage.  The artificial lighting in the open spaces for pediatric and adults use circadian rhythm lighting and within each space of heavy traffic includes ceiling mounted UV lighting to disinfect the different spaces.  CLICK to view the FF&E boards.

The floor plan is rooted in efficiency for all three groups of users.  Through evidence-based practice, there is strong emphasize about path of travel for the primary care experts, the social worker(s), the variety of nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, adult patients vs. pediatric patients, and the families.  The goal is to limit the different paths to cross while encouraging a line in the sand of private vs. public spaces.  The sensory room for the children is a tighter knit space to ensure a feeling of security.  For those that need to calm down, those that need separation, etc.  Integrated is a color changing water wall feature and sound equipment ran by an app that the patient can choose from along with dimmable and interchanging color/lighting for customization to fit the patients needs.  The soiled room was specifically placed here so that the service providers who will come and grab the laundry can easily access that without having to wind through the different hallways - again, efficiency. 

Adult Openspace
Waiting Room
Pediatric Openspace
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