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ltu community center // 2019 

Southfield, Michigan

Sq. Ft.: 2,450 

Category: Mixed-Use

This Community Center is located on 10-mile road connected to Lawrence Technological University’s (LTU) South Housing parking lot. The center serves as a multi-functional space for a variety of social events open to the public while also providing a study space for students attending LTU.

After studying the site, it is understood that 10-mile is not only a road that brings people to LTU but a road that supplies a wider variety of people via bus or sidewalk. A design element includes the focus on what people will experience and see from an inside view; more specifically, the ecosystem that surrounds the site. These other mammal neighbors include deer, red-winged blackbirds, yellow warblers, green herons, and other species native to Michigan.  The architecture is designed and rooted from the topography itself. The building elevations follows the downward slope of the landscape to maintain the idea of walking through the original site. To understand the buildings hierarchy, volumetric changes are implemented. As it makes logical sense, a space that will house a large public has a more expansive interior volume as opposed to a study room with a less expansive interior volume. 


Wildlife is a staple of any ecosystem and is a precious balance.  Mother Earth thrives from all different types of relationships: mutualism, commensalism, and parasitism.  The idea of creating a space to curate a learning environment for college students is evident that people with different backgrounds will inhabit.  There is a clear message through collage to better represent the concept of precious and unique types of life and how Mother Earth needs diversity to sustain. 


Through the medium of collage, the artistic intent is to create texture, versatility, and visual interest.  The varying shades of pink and purple represents the people, birds, and wildlife.  That in itself depicts that all life is meaningful no matter the shape and can be vivid through the human's perception of color.   CLICK to view the final illustrations.    

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