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Farwell Building // 2018 

Capitol Park

Detroit, Michigan

Client: Karp & Associates LLC

Sq. Ft.: 4,500

Category: Workplace

The Farwell Building is located on Capitol Park in downtown Detroit, MI.  The first floor includes two restaurants, the second floor supplies office spaces available for lease, the third-eighth floor includes apartments, and the ninth floor includes a deck with grilling capabilities.  CLICK to view the final presentation.  ​


Karp & Associates (Real Estate Developers) redeveloped the building and purchased space for their own workplace.  Their previous locations include Lansing, MI and Toledo, OH.  This agile workspace provides for up to 22 employees with room to grow, as required.   


Due to the nature of their work, an employees typical day includes private phone calls, meetings, looking at plans, conversing within the workplace, and leaving the office to go on site.  The Touchdown Space particularly speaks to this type of day because it provides the opportunity for team huddles, presentations, or another place to complete a task.  The Reception also acts as a more public space to send out a quick email or do a small task before coming in or going out.  Circulation, design style, acoustics, and mobility are the four pillars of the design.  In addition, the space shows Karp & Associates as a brand through a variety of masculine, contemporary, and strong design choices.

Branded Entry
Reem White Logo.png
typical office.PNG
small conference.PNG
Reflected Ceiling Plan
Maharam paradise fabric.PNG
Luna Delight fabric.PNG
Maharam bright grid fabric.PNG
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