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Bathroom Sq. Ft.:  78

Cabana Sq. Ft.: 192

Category: Landscape Architecture, Residential

Team: Collaboration with Mosher Design Co.

This landscape rear yard renovation includes the design of an outdoor cabana and an add-on bathroom in Bloomfield Hills, MI.  The clients have two young children and wanted a rear yard which they could be active with their growing family.  In addition, they wanted a space to host their friends, family, and others alike.  

The goal was to create a space that seamlessly flowed with their existing architecture and style: transitional.  To create a cohesive design, the materials used throughout both spaces were kept the same.  The specific materials used were Verve Clay porcelain tile and Black Pearl Leather Finish Granite.  The TV is designed using a 1x4 black stained frame with a slatted wall of a walnut finish stain. 

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