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Baboon Proofed Greenhouse // 2019 

Weyer Vineyard

Swellendam, South Africa

Client: Irma Weyer

Teammates: Breanna Hielkema, Ashraf Hijazi, Kenneth Humberstone, Nathan Ickes, Stephan Karetnik, Kevin Kimwelle, Magdalene Kuhns, Bethanie Martin, Scott Shall, Hlwati Sigqibo, Kayla Thompson, Eric Ward, and D.J. Yeom.  

In Swellendam, Western Cape, South Africa, the exploration of bricolage is used to design towards finding a solution to a never ending problem: baboon thieves.  The greenhouse was designed in 24 hours and built in 48 hours through recycled materials like steel cages, chicken wire, zip ties, a concrete foundation, and other materials locally sourced on the vineyard.  

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